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Caño Cristales

La Macarena



At the indicated time, transfer to the airport to board the flight to Caño Cristal. At 08:00 am we will meet at the air bridge, to start the registration and around 09:30 we will board the plane to La Macarena, upon arrival we will be welcomed by the expert and knowledgeable guide of the region, who will take us to our respective hotel. Then we will board a boat on the Guayabero river sailing for 20 minutes, during the tour we will be able to observe turkeys, herons, turtles, cubs and other animals of the region that are occasionally seen. Then we will board a camper for another 20 minutes which will leave us at the Cajuche Spring, here we will start a pleasant walk through the mountains for 25 minutes, as we advance our eyes will be dazzled appreciating the incomparable beauty of CAÑO CRISTALES the river of the gods . In the afternoon we return looking for the warmth of the town.


  • The visit to Caño Cristalitos on the first day is conditioned by the capacity of tourists who can visit the trail per day, this activity is controlled by the environmental authorities.
  • It is appropriate to clarify that, if the day of our visit there is no capacity on the trail for the entry of tourists, we have alternative attractions such as Lozada, Caño Piedra and the Guayabero River viewpoint.
  • Visiting and seeing the colors of Caño Cristales is only possible in Winter (rainy season), which is why flights are sometimes delayed.



Breakfast at the Hotel

On the second day, we will make the same route as the first day until the initial part of CAÑO CRISTALES EL RIO DE LOS DIOSES, then we will take a different route from the first day.

Free time to enjoy the scenery. Back to the hotel.


  • Keep your camera with good battery and memory capacity, every day is special for taking great photos.
  • Heed the recommendations of the environmental, follow the guide’s guidelines and be responsible for the environment.
  • The Caño Cristales Trails are conditioned to the carrying capacity, it is the environmental authority who assigns us the path to visit.


Breakfast at the Hotel

Today is our last day, so today we will do an ecological walk in the morning hours, we will have two optional places, Caño Piedra or Laguna del silencio, (The assigned destination is conditioned to the carrying capacity of tourists) together they are spectacular places, the first suitable for those who want to continue enjoying the crystal clear water and the second a place to contemplate nature, a place with a mysterious appearance that houses different species of fish, birds and reptiles.


The accommodations in Caño Cristales are very basic as well as the food, there are still no 5-star hotel infrastructures and for the moment they will not be implemented. Since the objective of the visit to Caño Cristales is to know the river properly and spend as much time as possible in it. All the hotels are very good, clean and with a nice attention to the visitor. For Caño Cristales, only packages of 2, 3, 4 and the maximum up to 5 nights are offered, which is what is allowed in this region of Colombia, the packages include full meals, transfers, accommodation, air tickets and tours that take place in this zone.


The place we choose will depend on the check in time of the return flight. Remember that Caño Crystals is a magical setting that we must all protect and can only receive a certain number of visitors per day.

Parrando Llanero (Cultural Show) In the evening hours of any day of the plan, we will participate in a parrando llanero, a cultural exchange event where we will enjoy the joropo (traditional dance of the region) and llanera music. A pleasant moment, interacting with folklore, gastronomy and the culture of the Llanera.


  • Carrying an ecological conscience in Caño Cristales, the use of sunscreen and products that contain chemicals is totally prohibited.
    Wear a long-sleeved shirt to avoid sunburn.
  • Bring a good hat or cap, hopefully if you can fisherman style to cover your neck from the sun. Serrated shoe with a good grip to avoid accidents in smooth places.
  • Keep in mind that the shoes are going to get wet so have a replacement
  • We are in winter time and at the same time in a hot climate zone, so it is recommended to wear a sweatshirt or light pants (Jean is not recommended)
  • Bring a backpack or small suitcase to carry your things during the walks.
  • Take into account that we are in winter for this reason flights can be delayed in the same way as scheduled walks.
    Before taking the flights to La Macarena, it is recommended to be dressed and prepared for the walks.
  • Camera with good photographic memory and good battery.
  • Yellow fever vaccine is recommended. Important
  • Inform the company about your physical resistance and health difficulties.
  • During the tours we will be exposed to the sun and rain.
  • Vegetarians inform in writing to the company email.
  • Take into account that we are going to a nature destination with underdeveloped infrastructure, INCOTUR prepares the best possible and with the best human capital.
  • At the agreed time transfer to the airport to board the flight to Bogotá, arrival and immediately transfer to the selected Hotel. Rest of the night free.


Breakfast at the Hotel

At the agreed time transfer from the hotel to the airport to take a flight to your origin


  • Air Tickets Bogotá – La Macarena – Bogotá.
  • Internal land transportation.
  • Internal river transport.
  • (2 breakfasts – 3 lunches – 2 dinners) Lodging 2 nights and 3 days at Hotel La Fuente or Similar.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Specialized guides.
  • Parrando llanero.
  • Contribution to peasant communities.
  • Entry permit procedure before environmental authorities.



  • Rate subject to change
  • At the time of booking, they must bear in mind the transfer costs charged by the bank, which are approximately US $ 40.00
  • If it is with a Card, include 3% of the total invoiced value, for expenses. Gift from Incotur Banner to receive the group.
  • Net rates subject to change without prior notice and availability at the time of booking
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