About Us

About Us



Offer the best alternatives for a trip and services that guarantee your satisfaction, to reach the development and position in the market as one of the best national and international tourist companies.
Have a good working team highly qualified capable to attend with courtesy and agility all of the needs of the clients. To be at the forefront of the technological progress, to guarantee high quality services at very good prices



To be in 2022, one of the best company in the tourist industry, recognize for her professionalism in Incentives, Congress and Tourism, for individuals and vacation groups.
We will be one of the agencies that will offer innovation in their products and services to reach the highest standard in the changings necessities and taste of our clients.



“INCOTUR SAS, Travel and Tourism Agency specialized in constant personalized attention, which offers tailor-made packages and our staff has a long experience in customer service. We are committed to minimizing the negative impact on environmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects , that our activities generate in the surroundings of the destinations offered to our clients, as well as in the well-being and cultural integrity of the communities resident in them, promoting the training of their collaborators, the awareness of suppliers and customers; in the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, conservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage. We are also committed to the continuous improvement of our sustainability system. “




  • Communicate and support to all interested parties the commitment against:
  • The sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. Law 679 of 2001 and 1336 of 2009
  • Illegal traffic of fauna and flora. resolution 584 of 2002 and resolution 0192 of 2014
  • Traffic in cultural property law 1185 of 2008
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Responsible water consumption
  • Use of printed advertising material only what is necessary.
  • Promotion of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the region and the country.
  • Support to local and regional communities
  • Training for our employees
  • Protection of company documents, brand and reputation.
  • Maintain the image of employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Strengthen loyalty and commitment to the company
  • Foster respect and apply the fundamental principles of human rights.




  • Comply with the applicable Colombian legal framework.
  • Comply with the sustainability and customer service policy
  • Disseminate good sustainability practices to our stakeholders
  • Promote the purchase of local products
  • Maintain a Continuous Improvement of the Tourism Sustainability System
  • Control activities not to impact and contribute to the proper use of water, energy and proper management of solid waste
  • Use ecological paper for the production of advertising material.
  • Promote and promote the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the region and the country by different means, prioritizing digital media.
  • Promote the protection and conservation of natural and cultural heritage through tourist awareness.
  • Periodically train our employees to provide a quality service.
  • Periodically train employees to strengthen the principles of fundamental rights

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